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My notes about LibGDX

My useful examples on GitHub

My step by step tutorials for Windows 10, 64-bit:

My tutorials for SDL3, Android, WebAssembly, and OpenGL ES 2.0:

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My demos:

  1. Co-op room with Jill This demo uses free hosting from You must wait 15-20 seconds to start the server for the first time. The server on a free hosting falls asleep 30 minutes after the last activity.
  2. Based on RE1
  3. Simple lighthouse
  4. Output of English, Russian and Chinese fonts with stroke and Distance Field (the text is not pixelated when the camera zooms in) on JS and Rollup. Fonts converted to Distance Field using Hiero. Demo in the browser
  5. Imported door animation for Blender from COLLADA format (.dae). Click detection is with color ID method. There are shadows. Demo in browser
  6. I placed tiles and colliders in Tiled. Packed tiles and sprites into one texture atlas using Free Texture Packer. Physics at box2d/core. Drawn with pure WebGL 1.0 and linear algebra with glMatrix. Demo in browser
  7. Debug Drawer, OpenGL ES 2.0, Qt6, C++. Download APK
  8. OpenAL example to play music in Qt6 and C++. Download APK
  9. Custom buttons in OpenGL 2.1 on QOpenGLWindow. GitHub repo
  10. Detecting objects with a ray in Box2D, OpenGL 2.1/ES2, Qt6, C++